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Solutions for mechanically testing cells, tissues and biomaterials. CellScale provides solutions by integrating unique system design with easy-to-use software.

BioTester - Biaxial testing of planar tissues using BioRake attachments and image tracking.

MicroSquisher - Compression testing of micro-scale structures (hydrogels, alginate beads, microspheres) with resolution down to 50nN.

UStretch - Uniaxial testing of soft materials at a price that will make you smile.

Find us at www.cellscale.com.

Biofabrication focuses on research that uses cells, proteins and biomaterials as building blocks to manufacture biological systems and/or therapeutic products.


Biomedical Materials publishes original research findings that contribute to our knowledge about the composition, properties, and performance of materials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.


Regenerative Ophthalmology
2013 Conference

The 2013 Regenerative Ophthalmology Conference is the leading forum spanning the spectrum of ophthalmic regeneration focusing on corneal regeneration, optic nerve regeneration, retinal regeneration and alternative approaches to vision restoration. Scheduled for June 10-11 in Pittsburgh, it is expected to attract a global audience of 130 scientists, clinicians and industry representatives.

For registration and more information please visit www.upmcphysiciansresources.com/visionrestoration.

No more floating samples - Scaffdex CellCrown. cell culture inserts keep your material, membrane, foil and tissue samples in a firm position in 6-, 12-, 24-, 48- and 96-well plates (www.scaffdex.com). Easy to load . easy to handle . easy to use. For free samples contact orders@scaffdex.com.