Awards within the EU Chapter

For the 2016 TERMIS-EU Awards Program, the deadline for nominations will be 29th February 2016.

The TERMIS-EU awards will be offered for the first time in 2013 and awarded at the 2013 TERMIS-EU Istanbul conference.

As approved unanimously by the TERMIS-EU Council the following awards will be given by the TERMIS-EU chapter:

  • Career Achievement Award,
  • Young Scientist Award,
  • Contributions to the Literature Award, and the
  • Clinical/Translation Work or Innovation/Technology Award.

The criteria for each award were initially defined by the chair in this document and are presented to the council to review and approve.

Career Achievement Award

The Career Achievement Award will be awarded to an established researcher who has made long-term, landmark contributions to the TERM field. It will be given to a widely respected researcher who has contributed considerably to the tissue engineering and regenerative medicine field. It should acknowledge an individual for his/her outstanding, continued contributions to the field, which includes a sustained in time significant contribution to the literature.

This award is aimed towards a recognition of individuals that have made outstanding contributions to the field of TERM, with outputs of clear professional excellence in their area; for example as scientists, clinicians, educators and/or contributors to TERMIS activities. The awardee must have a proven record of excellence and an outstanding international recognition in the TERM arena. There should be a significant and profound evidence of the awardee.s major contributions to the development and status of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine and its evolution as a field. The awardee should have carried out most of his career in the TERMIS-EU geographical area.

Young Scientist Award

The Young Scientist Award recognizes an individual, who has demonstrated outstanding achievements in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine research, during the early stages of his career with clear evidence of a growing profile.

Candidates for the TERMIS-EU Young Scientist Award must have been awarded his/her first PhD (or equivalent doctoral degree) more than 2 and less than 10 years prior to the deadline of the call.

The awardee must demonstrate evidence of high quality publications in highly cited journals, leadership activities, grant income from major funding bodies and external recognition amongst the wider international TERM community.

Contributions to the Literature Award

The Contributions to the Literature Award is aimed to recognize the outstanding publication records of researcher in the TERM field. The awardee will have made significant contributions to the literature on the basic and/or applied areas of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The importance of the contributions will be evidenced by an outstanding bibliometric record, namely systematic publications in relevant good quality scientific journals, including original and review papers, as well as, when appropriate, monographs, textbooks, edited or short communications. The recipient of the award should also show evidence of highly and frequently cited research.

Clinical/Translation Work or Innovation/Technology Award

The Clinical/Translation Work or Innovation/Technology Award aims to recognize successful clinical and translation work that leads to the development of relevant products or therapies used in the treatment of patients.
The awards will be presented alternately at the annual meeting.

The first year will offer the Clinical/Translational Award which will be given for individuals who have demonstrated they have made a major contribution to bringing new therapies to the clinic through translation. The Innovation /Technology Award also recognizes the application of basic and/or applied TERM research for the development of innovative medical products and therapies that have an ultimate impact on health care provision and treatment of patients. TERM must be a major part of the innovation. For the innovation award relevant patents should have been awarded.

In summary the award aims to acknowledge relevant clinical/translational work and/or specific technological innovations that are significant improvements over the state-of-the-art and show clear evidence of patient benefit and improved quality of life.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee will be chaired by the Immediate Past Chair of the TERMIS-EU chapter. The other members of the EU Awards Committee will be the current Chair and the Chair-Elect, as well as the SYIS-EU Chair (ex officio members of the committee). Two other members will be selected yearly for this committee based on the proposal of the Awards Committee Chair and approval of the TERMIS-EU Council. Any member of the committee that is not in executive office and is nominated for an award will have to resign from the committee for that particular year. He/She will be replaced by another member proposed by the awards committee under approval of the TERMIS-EU Council.

Some Guidelines

  • The council members will not be able to apply while in office.
  • Self nomination is not permitted.
  • All the awardees will be selected by the TERMIS-EU Awards Committee.
  • All nominated candidates must be Members of the TERMIS-EU Chapter.

Each nomination to be received by the Awards Committee must include the following information:

  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae of the nominee;
  • One (1) page summary detailing the major achievements of the nominee; and
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation written by respected scientists/professionals working within the TERM field that are members of any chapter of TERMIS. Letters by members of the Awards Committee are not acceptable.

The recipient of each one of the awards will:

  • Be presented with an honorarium of 1500 Euros;
  • Be presented with a plaque;
  • Be provided with 1000 Euros to be used toward travel expenses (air ticket, hotel) to attend the TERMIS-EU Annual meeting;
  • Be provided with complimentary registration to the TERMIS-EU Annual Conference.
  • Each awardee must confirm his/her attendance at the TERMIS-EU Annual Conference (by the first week of April).
  • Each awardee will be provided with 30 minutes to present a Plenary Award Lecture at the TERMIS-EU Annual Conference.

Timings and other relevant information

  • Nominations must be received by the 31st of January of each year.
  • The TERMIS-EU Awards Committee will review the nomination packages received and provide the names of the award recipients by the first week of April. At this time, the awardees must confirm his/her attendance at the TERMIS-EU Annual Conference.
  • All nomination packages for the TERMIS-EU Awards Program should be submitted to the TERMIS Administrator via email at

In the year of World Congress, the TERMIS-EU awards will not be presented.