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Visa Application Process for Entering Turkey
All individuals entering Turkey must apply for a Visa. The Visa application can be completed and submitted online via the link, The process takes on 2-3 minutes.

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Dear Participants

It took for sometime to finalize the abstracts. Sorry for this. We have asked in May 2013 from all participants to formatted their abstract. However there were only few comebacks. Therefore we had to make the changes and bring them in the format provided. Please go through and inform us about any changes that you want to see. Please do that before 1st August 2013 and we will make the corrections for the final format.

Best regards,

Erhan Piskin

Download TERMIS-EU 2013 Abstract Book

Dear friends- TERMIS-EU 2013 participants,

It was a great pleasure to have you all in Istanbul for TERMIS-EU-2013 despite the difficult circumstances in Turkey before and during the conference.

We welcomed about 750 scientists from around the world and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your participation and your valuable scientific contribution.

Best regards
Erhan Piskin
Congress President

PS: Please allow us about a week to update and rearrange the Program including abstracts (as a result of cancellations) and the participants list.

2013 SYIS-EU Awards - 2013 TERMIS-EU Istanbul Conference

Best Oral Presentations:

  1. Nathalie Mayer, France
  2. Prasad Sawadkar, UK
  3. Maarten Sonnaert, Belgium

Best Oral Poster Presentations:
  1. Samantha Wilson, UK
  2. Manuela Ventura, The Netherlands
  3. Siobhán Dunphy, UK

Best Poster Presentations:
  1. Christina Schuh, UK
  2. Cian O'Leary, Ireland
  3. Seher Ustun, Turkey

REGISTRATION/PAYMENTS/TO BE INLUDED IN THE PROGRAM: We would like to kindly remind you that only the registered abstracts for which a full payment has been made will be included in the Program. The deadline to be included in the Program is June 3rd, 2013. Furthermore, please kindly note that each registered participant will have chance to present a maximum of two abstracts.


The European Chapter Meeting of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS-EU 2013) will be organized on June 17-20 in Istanbul. The Meeting will bring together scientists and experts from both academia and industry and also those engaged or interested in funding regulatory and commercial endeavors related to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, which will be held in one of the most beautiful corners in Turkey with a unique atmosphere resulting a mixture of cultures that have passed through this bridging landscape from one continent to the other where contrastingly historical and modern Istanbul sits today.

The following topics will be included in the special sessions during these four days-meeting: Biomaterials; Scaffold Designs and Fabrication Technologies; Tissues and Cells; Stem Cells Science; Genetic Modifications and Regulations; Bioreactors; Bioactive Agents; Animal Models; Clinical Trials; Sensors and Arrays for Molecular Follow-ups; Bioimaging; Nanoapproaches; Bioprinting; Biomimetics and Bioinspration and more. These sessions will include keynote lectures on thematically-related research and development addressing significant problems, current developments, planned research directions and challenges in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine which will be presented by leading researchers in this multidisciplinary field.

There will also be special symposia and workshops organized by selected individuals and/or together with other scientific societies/institutions, during and around the Meeting and also attached to it. Special focus will be given to the translational aspects of our field as well promoting young researchers. The student chapter of TERMIS called the Student and Young Investigator Section (SYIS) collaborates with the meeting host to organize various student activities during the meeting.