Dear Colleagues,

We are proud to host the Termis EU 2014 Congress in Genova, "Zena" in the local ligurian language.

The Conference's goal is to present the latest scientific and clinical innovations in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. There will be sessions focusing on biomaterials and intelligent scaffolds, fetal and adult stem cells, growth factors and other bioactive molecules, activation of developmental and regenerative pathways, cell and innovative therapies covering all tissues and organs, translation of research to the clinic and industry ... and much more!

In 1358 the poet Petrarca wrote about Genova "You'll see a royal city, set against a hill alpine, superb for his men and walls, whose only appearance indicates the lady of the sea".
Genova is still now named the Superb, a city Superb for the beauty of its buildings, marbles, views, architecture and history, the capital of the Liguria Region, a strip of land between the mountains and the sea.
Part of the old town of Genova has been included in the World Heritage List (UNESCO) in 2006.
The colour-splashed Ligurian coast - the Riviera - combines in spectacular scenery and history and reaches its height in Portofino and Cinque Terre, where the sky and mountains plunge into the sea.

We are working to make your visit to Genova an unforgettable experience.
We look forward to meeting you in the Superb!

Ranieri Cancedda
Claudio Migliaresi