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TERMIS-AM Meeting is organized by the
Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine International Society.

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the TERMIS-AM Council, we look forward to welcoming you to Charlotte, North Carolina, in December. This year’s conference is being organized by Dr. Anthony Atala, Conference Chair; Dr. Shay Soker, Program Co-Chair; and Dr.  James Yoo, Program Co-Chair. The conference will focus on the theme, “The Path Forward for Regenerative Medicine: Traversing the Lab to the Patient.” This theme focuses on a vital goal of the Society, which is to bring you closer to the key professionals in the field and to support your efforts to accelerate your research to the ultimate benefit of the patients. I am sure that you will find your time in Charlotte beneficial in expanding your knowledge of current trends and advancements.

We encourage students and young investigators (SYIS) to participate in the various activities that are part of the annual conference. Each year, SYIS plans the student-meet-mentor lunch, career panel discussion, laboratory tours, student co-chairing, and events for undergraduates. These events provide you with an opportunity to meet with your mentors and peers one-on-one. As we draw closer to the conference and the programming develops, more information on the SYIS activities will be announced.

We look forward to your contribution to the programming

     William R. Wagner, PhD
     TERMIS-AM Chair


Dear Colleagues,

In December, the TERMIS-Americas (TERMIS-AM) Chapter will conduct its 8th annual conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.  This year’s conference is led by the well know scientists Drs. Anthony Atala (that will act as Conference Chair), and Shay Soker and James Yoo (that will act as Conference Program Co-Chairs), who are all leaders at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine. Once again, we fully trust the organizing capabilities of the Wake Forest team that previously organized a very successful TERMIS-AM conference and other TERM related meetings.

Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine as a field has evolved over the years. The theme for this year’s TERMIS-AM meeting is “The Path Forward for Regenerative Medicine: Traversing the Lab to the Patient.” This is critical for the evolution of our field, as we really need to move the technologies, which we are developing in the Laboratories, into products and new therapies that are applied in patients world-wide.

As key members of the field, it is important for you to continue your research and make new discoveries that will benefit individuals worldwide.  The TERMIS conferences provide you with an opportunity to meet other researchers focusing on TERM and enables you to form new collaborations.  At this year’s meeting, we hope to continue our progress in having more clinicians and industrial delegates involved in the conference. We also want to stimulate students and young investigators (SYIS) to participate in the various activities that are prepared especially for them in every chapter or World Congress meeting of TERMIS.

We look forward to welcoming all of you to Charlotte!

     Rui L. Reis
     TERMIS President