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Jinshi International Hotel

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About Nantong City


Nantong, as a city in Jiangsu Province, it is in the west of the Yellow Sea. And it is besides Yangtze River, separating with Shanghai because of this river. It is one of the 14 China first open coastal cities. In the early 20th century, it developed very fast. So it is called the first modern city in China. Nantong has remained an important center for the textile industry. Because of its deep-water harbor and connections to inland navigational canals, it was opened to foreign investment in recent Chinese economic reforms. Nantong was historically known as an agricultural area and a traditional site for salt-making. Its principal agricultural products include cotton, rice, wheat, fishing, and more. And it has a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons so that Nantong is a livable city.

Located in the warm and wet monsoon subtropics, Nantong enjoys sufficient sunshine, profuse rainfall and warm climate with distinct seasons. September is the most pleasant time of the year with fresh air and clear sky. The average temperature is around 20℃ to 27℃.

Gourmet Paradise
As Nantong shares unique geographic features close to riverside, a rich variety of aquatic food from rivers and sea will offer you a real treat.