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Tour Information

Nantong, Jiangsu Province, is ample in tourist resources in natural scenery and humanist landscape. Nantong is characterized in blended rivers and mountains. Located in the southern region of Nantong with Changjiang River to the south, Langshan Mountain of altitude of 106.94m is renowned for its beautiful scenery where a diverse range of cultural relics attract people around the world. Haohe River owes credit for Jadeite Necklace with a long history of thousands of years. It is a well-preserved Moat in central Nantong. Along the Haohe River is the Nantong Museum, the earliest public one in China, created by Zhang Jian in 1905 who was a scholar and patriotic industrialist in Late Qing Dynasty. Various featured handicrafts, like embroid, blueprint cloth and kites, have been witnessing the development history of this pioneer city of Modern China. What's more, as Nantong shares a unique geographic features close to riverside, a rich variety of aquatic food from rivers and sea will offer you a real treat..

The Wolf Hill

The Wolf Hill is a well-known hill of Nantong City. There are 5 mountains in NanTong. The Wolf Hill is the tallest one. It is not high but very noticeable and beautiful. For thousands of years, it has been praised by a lot of artists. The Song dynasty calligrapher Mi Yuanzhang , named it "First Mountain"; What’s more, Wang An’shi , the great writer, also felt amazing after the tour of the Wolf Hill

The Haohe River

The Haohe River is known as the "jade necklace of Nantong", It is the thousands of years of history, is the only to save one of the four ancient moat. The Haohe River at night is very pretty and charming.

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is located in Pudong Park in Lujiazui, Shanghai. The tower, surrounded by the Yangpu Bridge in the northeast and the Nanpu Bridge in the southwest, creates a picture of 'twin dragons playing with pearls'. This 468 meters high (1,536 feet) tower is the world's third tallest TV and radio tower surpassed in height only by towers in Toronto, Canada and Moscow, Russia. The entire scene is a photographic jewel that excites the imagination and attracts thousands of visitors year-round..

The Humble Administrator Garden

The Humble Administrator Garden, built in 1509 by Wang Xianchen during the Ming Dynasty, is located in the No.178 Northeast Street of Suzhou City. It is the largest and most renowned classical landscape garden in Suzhou, covering an area of 83.5 Mu. As one of four great gardens in china, it is a 5A tourist spot and listed in the key national heritage conservation units in 1961.The garden was inscribed on the World cultural heritage listed by UNESCO in 1997.

Nantong Hightech Industrial Development Zone

Nantong High-tech Industrial Development Zone is located at Tongzhou District, Nantong city, Jiangsu Province. Nantong High-tech Industrial Development Zone, formerly known as Tongzhou Economic Development Zone, was founded in 1992. one of the first batch of provincial level development zones approved by People's Government of Jiangsu Province. Now we are actively declare the national high-tech zone.