Conference Venue:

Jinshi International Hotel

Transportation from the Airport to the Jinshi International Hotel



General Information

Nantong, as a city in Jiangsu Province, it is in the west of the Yellow Sea. And it is besides Yangtze River, separating with Shanghai because of this river. It is one of the 14 China first open coastal cities. In the early 20th century, it developed very fast. So it is called the first modern city in China. Nantong has remained an important center for the textile industry. Because of its deep-water harbor and connections to inland navigational canals, it was opened to foreign investment in recent Chinese economic reforms. Nantong was historically known as an agricultural area and a traditional site for salt-making. Its principal agricultural products include cotton, rice, wheat, fishing, and more. And it has a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons so that Nantong is a livable city.



There are two international airports in Nantong:

Airport Hongqiao Airport of Shanghai Pudong International Airport of Shanghai Nantong Xingdong Airport
Introduction located in the western region with 13 km away form central Shanghai, covers 510 thousand square meters. Founded in 1907, Hongqiao Airport of Shanghai wins awards of "Tourists' talks on Civil Aviation" sponsored by China Civil Aviation Organization. located in the coastal region of Pudong New District with about 30 km away from central Shanghai, covers 40 It is entitled China's Three International Airport with Beijing Capital International Airport and Hong Kong International Airport. located in Xingdong Town of Tongzhou District to the north-east of Nantong with 10 km straight away from central city, interconnects Nanjing-Nantong Railway, Yancheng-Nantong Railway and so forth. So far, over 30 lines have been opened domestically and internationally.
Via Public Transportation
Time to Jinshi International Hotel: 1h and 20min drive Time to Jinshi International Hotel: 1h and 40min drive Time to Jinshi International Hotel: 20min drive
Bus Shuttle Bus Information

Below is the bus pick up schedule for those individuals attending the 2017 TERMIS-AP conference.  At each location, there will be several assistants waiting outside the exit to guide you to the bus.
Route Departure Time
From Pudong International Airport, Shanghai to Nantong September 21, 2017
From Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai to Nantong
From Jinshi International Hotel to Pudong International Airport, Shanghai September 24, 2017
From Jinshi International Hotel to Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai






Located in the warm and wet monsoon subtropics, Nantong enjoys sufficient sunshine, profuse rainfall and warm climate with distinct seasons. September is the most pleasant time of the year with fresh air and clear sky. The average temperature is around 20℃ to 27℃.

Time Zone

Nantong is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)


The currency of Nantong is the RMB(CNY). The exchange rate is approximately 1 USD=6.95CNY. Foreign currencies can be exchanged at the banks and airport. Payment by major credit card is accepted in most shops and restaurants Nantong.