Chapter Meetings

Mar 2021
TERMIS-EU Lab Tour Series
In the current global COVID situation, the ability to visit research groups/labs to cultivate new collaborative opportunities has been restricted. To overcome this challenge a new initiative has been developed, the TERMIS Lab Tour Webinar Series 2021, which will provide online webinars that are of a slightly different flavor, to understand how research groups/labs in the field operate. These webinars will comprise of a video tour of the research groups labs and facilities, followed by a selection of presentations from the Head of the Institute, Head of Research Group or Lead PI of Research Group and early career researchers (PhD students or postdocs). There will be an opportunity at the end of the presentations to meet with the host participants and discuss specific topics further. The webinars will be 1hr 30mins in total and are aimed towards generating general interest, collaboration exposure, early career researcher training and interest, and scientific gain. This will be a wonderful opportunity to see how other labs operate, the specialized skill-sets they contain and understanding how others manage their science.
The first webinar of the series will be hosted by Prof. Johannes Grillari, Director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, Vienna, Austria and Prof. Heinz Redl, Director Emeritus on 15th March at 4pm CET.
We would encourage any research groups who are interested in hosting future webinars to contact Dr. Ciara Murphy and Dr. Michael Monaghan.
Jun 2021
2021 TERMIS-EU Workshop - Brno, Czech Republic

Workshop Dates:  June 11-12, 2021
Workshop Theme:  Cell-Matrix Interaction and Mechanobiology in Regenerative Medicine
Workshop Organizers:  Giancarlo Forte and Aleš Hampl

Jun 2022
2022 TERMIS-EU - Krakow, Poland

Conference Dates:  28 June - 1 July 2022
Conference Location:  ICE Krakow Congress Centre
Conference Chair:  Wojciech Swieszkowski, Ph.D., Habil., WUT Professor
Program Chair:  Zygmunt Pojda

Mar 2023
2023 TERMIS-EU – Manchester, United Kingdom

Conference Dates: 27th to 30th March 2023
Conference Location: Manchester Central Convention Center
Conference Chairs: Prof. Sue Kimber & Prof. Sarah Cartmell
Programme Chair: Dr. Stephen Richardson