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TERMIS-EU Industry Day

After past exaggerated expectations and discouragements, the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative medicine (TERM) development cycle seems to have reached, over the last few years, the enlightenment phase as suggested by increasing numbers of clinical trials and recent market approvals of Regenerative Medicine solutions in both Europe (i.e. Glybera & Holoclar® from Chiesi Pharma and Strimvelis® from GSK) and Japan (i.e. Remestemcel-L from Mesoblast®). TERM commercial growth is expected to be propelled in the billions USD range, notably by genetically modified T cells, potential blockbusters for therapy of cancers.

The successful commercial translation of TERM research is governed by a number of major drivers:  i) Bringing to the market, therapeutic solutions for disease conditions with very high medico-social burden and no effective or sustainable treatment, ii) Fully validated manufacturing capabilities, iii) Reimbursement of Regenerative Medicine solutions, showing high and demonstrable medico-economic benefits versus standard of care, iv) early and strong partnership with regulatory bodies, v) Dense collaborations between Centers of Excellence and Industry collaborations, vi) Robust and well-inspired clinical development strategy and evaluation.

The focus of this TERMIS-EU 2017 Industrial Day Symposium will be on the clinical translation of TERM solutions. Invited speakers will educate the attendees on clinical evaluation roadmap and clinical development strategy, on the prerequisites to clinical evaluation, and the planning of clinical trials in the field of Regenerative Medicine. Following on, real cases of Regenerative Medicine clinical evaluation will be presented and discussed.

Abstract submissions related to clinical translation of cell therapy and TERM solutions are welcomes.

Tentative Program of the Industrial Day Symposium

28th of June 2017

9:10 AM- 10:40 AM Clinical evaluation & translation: what, when, where and how?

– Session 1

Invited Speaker 1- 15 min Alain Vertes, NxR Technologies, Switzerland

Invited Speaker 2- 15 min Fatima Boumares- NAMSA,  France

Invited Speaker 3- 15 min Ursula Schlichtiger, US Consulting, Germany

Oral presentation selected-1 -12 min

Oral presentation selected-2- 12 min

11:10 AM-12:40 AM Clinical evaluation of TERM products: real cases and experience to date – Session 2

Invited Speaker 4- 15 min Paul Kemp, Intercytex, United Kingdom

Invited Speaker 5- 15 min Etienne Sokal, Promothera, Belgium

Invited Speaker 6- 15 min Vincent Ronfard, UNT System College of Pharmacy, Fort Worth Texas, US

Oral presentation selected-3- 12 min

Oral presentation selected-4-12 min

17:50 PM-19:20 PM Clinical evaluation of TERM products: real cases and experience to date  – Session 3

Invited Speaker 7- 15 min Jonathan Appleby, GSK, United Kingdom

Invited Speaker 8- 15 min TiGenix, Belgium, to be confirmed,

Oral presentation selected-5- 12 min

Oral presentation selected-6- 12 min

Oral presentation selected-7- 12 min