TERMIS-AM Thematic Interest Working Group (TWIGs) Sign-Up Sheet

If you are interested in joining a TERMIS-AM TWIG, please complete the online application. 

Download the TWIG Guidelines

There are 12 TWIGs. The chairs of the respective TWIGs are listed below.
Cardiovascular/Agniogenesis/Blood: Milica Radish
Musculoskeletal: Johnna Temenoff
Neural & Spine: Shelly Sakiyama-Elbert
Ophthalmologic: Jennifer Ellisseeff
Craniofacial: Peter Ma
Respiratory, Urologic & Gastrointestinal: James Yoo
Skin, Wound Healing, and Inflammation: Mark Van Dyke
Scaffolds, Matrices, and Biomaterials: Eben Alsberg
Stem Cells & Cell Therapies & Developmental Biology and Cell Signaling: Todd McDevitt
Commercialization & Regulation: Aby Mathew
Biofabrication & Bioreactors: George Christ
Imaging and Assessment: Eric Brey